54-64 Mount Eliza Way

Plans to build shops and apartments that will enhance the charm of the Mt Eliza Village are now underway.

Village strip retail businesses thrive in destinations where people want to visit. Our aim is to build a stylish environment offering memorable experiences: an attractive atmosphere showcasing local products and businesses where visitors also can sit and enjoy terrific food, coffee and wine. To blend the past with the present, this development will present a more contemporary frontage that integrates with the existing sandstone facades surrounds.

The Destination

Located on the northern side of Mt Eliza Way, in a retail strip of single storey buildings with sandstone facades, is 54-64 Mt Eliza Way.

Mt Eliza has virtually no space to offer new businesses. Yet at 54-64 Mt Eliza Way, the vacant land at the back of the existing shops is greater in size than the buildings at the front. The proposed development will double the commercial space available to retail and business users. The five shops and galleries facing the street at the front and the four commercial offices at the rear will all back onto or face an internal light-filled covered courtyard.

Currently six retail businesses operate on the land — The Little Nook; The Barbers Shop & Co; the Artisan Storeroom; Manyung Gallery; Cruise About and Cafe Gourmand. All the existing buildings require demolition. This was not the choice favoured by the developers. Indeed, whilst planning this development, the developers restored the sandstone facades of 54-64 Mt Eliza Way in 2015 in the hope that at least three of the shops could be retained. However to comply with State Government building regulations (including those governing disability access, fire, acoustics and floor loading), the buildings will need to be removed.

Three of the six businesses currently trading at 54-64 Mt Eliza Way intend to re-open within the redeveloped site. The developers are working with these businesses to ensure that the new space optimises their storefront presentation and business needs. A partnership of established restauranteurs plan to open a tapas and Latin American bar and restaurant and the development has been designed to incorporate their requirements.


In line with many successfully trading village retail strips, the development will also provide apartment living right in the heart of Mt Eliza Way. Three two-bedroom, and two three bedroom apartments are proposed, beautifully crowned by a well set-back roof garden.

The vacant undeveloped land at the rear currently slopes away towards a right-of-way street. An underground carpark is proposed for this area which will incorporate a lift connecting the shops, offices and apartments above.


The Developers

Three families co-own and manage the site and its development. The Richards, the Crowders and the Dohertys all have business interests in Mt Eliza, and want the region to thrive and prosper. Indeed, the Crowders and the Richards have co-owned the site for over 30 years, and are firmly committed to retaining ownership into the future. All three families live in the region:

The Crowder Family

The Crowder family have run real estate businesses in the Mt Eliza and Frankston region for four generations.

The Doherty Family

The Doherty family built the striking Lotus development on Ranelagh Drive and have extensive experience in retail developments both in the United Kingdom and Australia.

The Richards Family

The Richards family have business interests across Greater Frankston and have been passionate advocates for the region for more than forty years.

Each family wants to build a landmark that retains the special look and feel of Mt Eliza Way — an attractive, modern building of which they and their community can be proud.

The Mt Eliza Village is charming, and this development will further enhance that charm. There has been some unpopular development on the strip, which has established a sensitivity to any future development. The proposed development conforms with planning requirements and will be built in a way that we believe will greatly enhance the area. Detailed plans can be viewed at the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council offices at 2 Queen Street, Mornington.  

Coming in 2019